Technology meets Precision – 3D objects.

When we say technology, you might be reminded of many things; Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, various playing devices etc. But, there is another major technology which is transforming the world to a level higher than it was! Printing technology! When the printers were not there, it was very difficult to put in their ideas to tell someone and develop a plan. Now with printers so many things are made possible. You can do so many things with printers, print anything you would like, and take it wherever you want. You can even carry huge amount of data and then print elsewhere, need not carry the whole luggage.

In the history of printing technology, 3D printing is a major milestone. And that’s because, it is making many impossible things possible. This technology is improving lives too, with its advent and usage. So, if you are unaware of all this advancements, it’s really high time that you know them. They are not just for technical uses, but their applications are vast.

Okay, we would quickly tell you, what this technology is about? 3D printing is giving your object a 3D view, by printing in using layers of materials. Pretty simple ah? But in reality it involves so much work to bring that life to the object.

Well, when there are so many usages and you have decided your need, it’s time to see the best ones in the market. So, here is the good quality: best home printer to make 3d objects ©

XYZ da Vinci Mini

XYZ Printing is a printing company which is aimed at bringing a cost effective 3d printing to consumers. It is among the best companies, manufacturing great printers at affordable costs. And they are successfully doing it. This printer is one of its best, for its price and quality of print it offers. And since this is for your home needs, you don’t need a hi-end professional one.

When it comes to large scales of usage, like in industries and organisations there are different printers catering the needs. Consumers have chosen this 3D printer ⑩ as one of the best in the market.

Ultimaker 2 Extended+ : Ultimaker 2 has taken printing quality to next level by creating minimum layers of just 20microns height! It uses the FDM technology and uses filaments like PLA, ABS, PETT and Exotics. Though it is a little expensive, you can buy it for the excellent, unmatchable quality this printer offers.

Okay, you read something Filaments here and there; do you know what are they? Filaments are tiny thread like structures. They are used in making models out of 3d printers and are various cheap and inexpensive materials available. The most common filaments are PLA and ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

The number 1 abs PLA FILAMENT according to surveys done is Hatchbox Filament (PLA & ABS).

There is MakerBot Replicator, which uses multi material, 3 materials at a single shot to produce the best quality image possible. MakerBot is the champion in 3D printing, stands out for its quality, durability, and auto- calibration features. And I found this model at: MakerBot reviews online, which looks really great in all terms.