Hover about Hoverboards- One Destination For All Those Queries

Who wouldn’t love to play in the smooth tiles on a shiny day? Or even gliding across those frozen tiles on a winter Sunday? Everyone loves outdoor activities, don’t we! Be it one or the other. The current trends are the hoverboards, a great recreational activity. Having fun gliding, sliding, moving around with tiny wheels on your feet, sounds so fantastic!

Hover boards have 2 wheels which are placed side-by-side with a tiny platform for the wheeler to stand. The gyroscopic sensored pads recognize the riders feet movements and move according to that. These boards arealso called as Self-balancing boards or self-balancing scooters.

But, before buying one, please know these things to be considered.

The hover board weight limit, it’s an important aspect for any adult or kid. Weigh limit should be considered, else you are sure to get a fall or hurt.

* Check for the wheel size of the board

* Check if the boards are waterproof.

* Check for the speed, battery life of the board, how far you can travel with these boards.

Only with all these info, proceed further. We give you the top hoverboard brands reviews, which reduces your task and gives you an insight into the best.

The companies like SwagTron, Razor, Segway, and PowerBoard are the first few ones to be UL certified. UL(Underwriters’laboratories) is a board to regulate the rules and standards to be followed by the manufacturers of hover boards.

Every hoverboard that has UL standard 2272 is considered completely safe to use.

Swag way, which is now referred as SwagTron, is the leader in the industry. They have invested huge into their research units, to bring out the best board ever. They strive to set standards in terms of safety, performance and other functionalities for the whole of hover board industry.

SwagTron has the credit of being the world’s first self-balancing boards which are UL certified. SwagTron Models like the SwagTron T1, T3, and T5 are the best in all terms. SwagTron Review – only the BEST models! ❶ are for your knowledge, below.

SwagTron T1 Black is a model which stands in the line of best hover boards of the year. This model has 2 modes making even the newbie to also take a ride. This model also meets the safety standards, and has gear stabilization. It has smart battery system, which is patented and offers complete protection from overheating of the batteries, etc. This mode is sleek, stylish and easy to use.

Another brand is, Razor hovertrax2.0: Razor is one of the leading names in the electronic industry for producing recreational activities. This model, meets all the safety standards prescribed by the industry. This model uses 36V lithium battery, which is easy to use and quick to replace. It a motor of 350W which doesn’t make noise, contributing to a sound free environ. This model weighs 220lbs and can continuously run for an hour once charged.

PowerBoard By Hoverboard: this is another best model in the line, with being safe enough to use. This model also has the best features just like others. It can carry heavy weight too, easily. This board is capable of running at 10mph, whoa! Amazing speed, isn’t it? What more, the company offers good deals, like repairing the devices if any problems at zero cost. Hurry now!

● Gold hoverboard: we hope you have seen the image of a hoverboard that is glittery gold. Yes it is, another model of hoverboard. This is a product of Segway. Segway’s Cruiser Edition V2 is this gold hoverboard. This model has official Lithium-ion certified by UL Samsung battery. The electric engine is quiet and has long lasting power. The performance of this model is stable and offers great speed.

→→→ Hoverboard skins: Now, thinking of those attractive skins? Just like you change covers for your mobiles and laptops you need one for this too, to flaunt in style. To suit your mood and style, there are different varieties of skins available; designs ranging from American Flag to geometric designs, glossy look etc. And there are number of companies offering them, best designs, best price deals, to fit all sizes. You need to choose from them, according to your board size and design of your choice.

Hope this info was very useful to all of those interested in hoverboards.