Drones Are Not Just For Adults!

* Drones are being considered as just things for amusement for along time. Or products that are just too fancy to be used in daily life.

* Before you know drones would become a huge part of day to day life activities.

* Major ecommerce retailers are researching and employing drones for their deliveries. Hospitals and doctors are considering it as a huge step in medical field. It can be an easy mode of transport to provide with medical aid to developing countries, or areas in war conflict and crisis and also in situations of natural disasters. They can also be used in urgent transportation of organs which usually get delayed due to traffic and other convenience related delays.

* Major food joints also plan to employ drones for food delivery. Some pizza stores have already started using them.

* There is a debate on whether children should be allowed to use drones.

* With the rate of drones popularity, in the future majority of the functions would be related to drones. It would extremely beneficial for kids to learn about drones and the technology behind it from an early age. Because they would be the future engineers and pilots of drone technology.

* Secondly, kids are also very intrigued by technology and encouragement to decode and program a drone would be useful.

* They do not necessarily have to use high quality drones. The market is filled with drones specially made for kids. Here is a list of top drones for kids [here].

* Kids drones also known as quadcopters are widely available in toy stores. And they are affordable too. Some of the kids versions is also used by adults to practice their skills before investing in higher end models. Some of the most popular ones are DJI phantom.

* DJI phantom 3 professional and DJI phantom 4 review states that they are technologically advanced and also come with obstacle detection system enabled in them.

* Which makes it safer. But one has to remember that the crash sensor is only located in the front of the drone. And the drone can damage itself by crashing in the sides as well backwards.

* Expensive options are definitely better performance wise, but do not necessarily reduce the importance of the cheaper options. One popular blogger for technology has stated “my cheap drones are fast 🙂.” And they are cost does not create a huge difference in the speed.

Accept it or not, drones are the future, introducing children to them and letting them understand their workings. This will help them to have a strong knowledge base for the future when they would be required to master them, engineer them and develop them. Binoculars may or may not go obsolete in the future but drones are here to stay. Everybody should experience using drones, it will definitely help you to prepare for the future. If you are not worried about the future, learn them as a source of entertainment. If you are into sports, drone acing is a new one and you would enjoy learning it. If you are a photo enthusiast or into creating video diaries drones will notch up your work by a huge difference.