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DSLR Cameras – the technology that revolutionized the field of photography

The package deal:

Have you wondered what exactly the DSLR technology is? Why the whole world is abandoning their old model cameras and opting to go the DSLR Camera way?

Here is all that you wanted to know and did not know where to look for:

The DSLR revolution has happened thanks in part to two big electronics giants namely Canon Inc. and Nikon Inc. Both the companies have spent million on research and development of cutting edge technologies which has made the previous model of cameras look obsolete and dustbin worthy.

The main features of the DSLR are

  1. CMOS sensors:

This is the key ingredient of this technology is the CMOS which enable the photographer to take pictures in very high resolution. The speed at which the filming can take place using this technology is so high at 14 frames per second that the shoot can look as seamless as possible, even better than a movie camera!

  1. Sensing the subject matter of the shoot:

The auto focus technology that is integrated with the dslr technology allows the camera lenses to focus on the subject matter of the shoot correctly and the result is sharp images with colour contrast and brightness intact. This is the technology which enables us to reproduce pictures that are almost life like in the colour and contrast.

  1. Large frame and big screen width:

The technology has been mind blowing as the photographer is now loaded with all the tools to make his shoot the best in quality. The wide screen allows him to have the complete prospective of how his picture will turn out once it is printed on any medium.

How best Nikon models are from Canon?

As already stated, both canon and Nikon are good in their own rights, it is noteworthy that while Canon is slightly on the higher side, Nikon’s entry level DSLR cameras are value for money.

When you are learning the ropes of the trade, it is good to not invest too much in the beginning. Nikon’s D3300 series is touted as the most ideal camera to begin learning with. Even though the camera is lightly small and some people may have difficulty in holding it for too long, still considering that at the beginning stages it is not to wise to make big investments, the camera is just right for you.

Let us now attempt Nikon Camera Reviews:

Nikon D5500:

This is mid-level equipment and is an amazing improvement from the previous model in its series. The image quality is improved and so has the performance in most fields. It is one of the best cameras for low lighting and dark shoots. The camera is also one which the photographers would like to have in their backpack for sure because it is very dependable. It will never let him down even in the most difficult lighting.

Here is a Canon 5D review for you:

This dslr has 13 mega pixels and single lens and full frame and the best part about it is that it is priced right at only $2700. The full frame allows the photographer to experiment with wide angle shooting and is a boon to them especially when they want to shoot pictures that need magnification. The camera is light at only 2 pounds and is easy to hold and shoot for long hours.

Learn more in this Pentax K3 review:

Pentax is one company that is different from the two big leaders in the market and it comes out with features that are different from the ones introduced by them. Pentax cameras are particularly noteworthy because they come out with such features at such affordable prices that if one of the two market leaders were to introduce it, it would definitely cost at least two times more.

The K 3 model comes equipped with a 24.4 mega pixel CMOS sensor with anti aliasing filter. The screen is 3.2 inches wide and it has Penta – prism optical view finder with the maximum magnification of 0.95X. It supports 8.3 points auto focus.

Other features include Dual SD card slots, head phone and micro phone ports and USB 3.0 support.